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Korg nanoKEY2 25-key Keyboard Controller - Black

Product Title
USB-powered slim-line Keyboard Kontroller; BLACK
Product Teaser
Each of Korg's ultra-compact nanoSERIES2 low-profile USB-MIDI controllers will fit perfectly in front of your laptop computer or desktop keyboard, offering impressive control while conserving valuable set-up space. Simply connect a single USB cable, and you've got a music production studio on your desk at home or on the go.
Product Block Copy
The nanoKEY2 provides a superior keyboard response for its class and size. Ample key width and plenty of space between the keys reduces the chances of a wrong note. The touch and velocity response have been carefully calibrated, ensuring that your expressive performance will be conveyed accurately to your software. The Octave Shift buttons allow the overall pitch to be shifted up or down up to four octaves. For enhanced performances, the nanoKEY2 also provides Pitch Bend (+ or -) buttons and a Modulation button. The new Sustain button is indispensible for entering piano or electric piano parts.
Product Bullets
  • Low-profile, 25-key USB-MIDI keyboard, ideal for use with laptop and netbook computers
  • Advanced-design keybed offers improved accuracy and velocity-sensitive keys
  • Octave Shift buttons extend the keyboard range up or down four octaves
  • Pitch Bend and Modulation buttons; Sustain button - ideal for entering piano parts!
  • Includes Korg Kontrol Editor and bonus software package. Also available in White