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Mandolin Bridge; Rosewood

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This compensated mandolin bridge is available in rosewood or ebony, with chrome or gold studs and thumbwheels.

String area= 1-21/32 in. (42mm)
Each compensated section= 25/64 in. (10.4mm)
Overall height to center with posts adjusted down= 1-9/64 in. (28.92mm)
Height of bridge top piece= 33/64 in. (13.23mm)
Height of base to top of posts= 1-1/32 in. (26.11mm)
Footprint= 4-15/32 in. (113.73mm) X 11/32 in. (8.62mm)
Distance from flat surface to center of arch in base= 21/64 in. (8.4mm)