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Shure X2u XLR to USB Audio Interface

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Shure's X2u is an amazing interface that turns any mic into a USB mic. Take your studio anywhere and always be ready to record - add a laptop and you've got an instant portable studio! Plug-and-play connectivity lets you plug the X2u into any computer (including Vista-equipped computers), and phantom power facilitates the use of your favorite condenser mics. Playback is handled through the X2u as well, with zero-latency monitoring. The Monitor Mix Control blends mic signal and audio playback. Capture pristine audio on the go with the X2u!

Shure X2u at a Glance:

  • Connection
  • Recording
  • Playback

With plug-and-play USB Connectivity, the X2u offers the convenience of digital recording, anywhere your computer can go. It's compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and Mac OS X 10.1 or later right out of the box. Condenser mics pose no problem, since the X2u provides 48V phantom power. A USB cable is included.

The Monitor Mix Control lets you blend microphone signal and playback audio. The built-in headphone jack also has volume control for monitoring. The integrated preamp with microphone gain control allows control of input signal strength.

Zero-latency monitoring for real-time playback and multi-tracking without delay and 16-bit/48 kHz sample rate provides better-than-CD-quality audio.

Shure X2u Features:
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and Mac OS X 10.1 or later
  • Provides +48V Phantom power
  • USB cable (3m / 9.8ft) included for immediate use
  • Monitor Mix Control for blending microphone and playback audio
  • Headphone jack with volume control for monitoring
  • Integrated pre-amp with Microphone Gain Control allows control of input signal strength
  • Zero Latency Monitoring for real-time playback and multi-tracking without delay
  • 16-bit, up to 48 kHz sample rate for better-than-CD quality audio
Requirements for Mac OS X:
  • OS X 10.0 or greater
  • 64MB of RAM minimum
Requirements for Windows:
  • Windows XP (home/professional), Vista, Windows 2000 Professional
  • 64MB of RAM minimum