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Sabian SBR Promotional Pack; 20 Ride 16 Crash 14 HiHats FREE 10 Splash

Manufacturer #:SBR5003G

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Product Description

Like Sabian's B20 Bronze cymbals, SBR cymbals receive hand-guided hammering, using a peen that has been hand-shaped in the Vault specifically for Brass. Once complete, they end up in the Vault for testing before receiving a stamp of approval.

Sabian SBR Promotional Set Features
  • Hand-guided machine hammering is used to add musicality, complexity, and bright tone
  • Lathe craftsmen operate specially retrofitted lathes, thinning cymbal to desired gauge while adding crucial tonal grooves
  • Cymbal must be trimmed to exact size and the edges buffed for smoothness
  • Each individual cymbal is hand-tested and hand-weighed in the Vault by Vault sound specialists, a critical process
  • Each individual cymbal is placed on a shelf to age, allowing the frantically active molecules to slow down and stabilize
  • Each individual cymbal is once again hand-tested by two Vault specialists to ensure they fit the parameters of the series and model
  • STYLE: Focused
  • SOUND: Bright
  • METAL: Brass
  • PITCH: High
  • FINISH: Natural
  • Includes 
    • 14" Hi-Hats
    • 16" Crash
    • 20" Ride
    • Free 10" Splash