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Gibraltar SC-GQRCM Quick Release Cymbal Lock

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Low in-store inventory, may be subject to change.

The Quick Release Cymbal Lock is designed to be a very quick and easy cymbal change. Simply press the release button, and slip on or off the cymbal post. The spring-loaded release button, has high tension with inner grabber teeth so that the cymbal mount cannot be removed without manually pressing it. Do not worry about the cymbal lock popping off during play. Fine tune the amount of tension placed on your cymbal once the cymbal mount is applied to the threaded post by turning to loosen or tighten to the desired pressure.

Features include:

• Quick and easy cymbal change

• Add and remove with the press of a button

• Will not fly off while playing, no matter how hard you hit

• Fine tune tightness on the cymbal by threading after applying to the cymbal post