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Vox Mini Go 3 - 3-watt Portable Modeling Amp

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The VOX MINI GO 3 is a 3W portable guitar amplifier great for practice at home or live performances out on the streets. With nine realistic amp models based on the same VET modeling technology found in the VOX Cambridge50, it gives you the sound and feel of a classic VOX AC30, '80s amp stack, high-gain amp, and more. Modulation, delay, reverb, and vocoder effects, plus tone are onboard to quickly add color to your sound. A combination of mic and instrument inputs, along with a line setting, and aux input enable you to plug in a microphone, electric guitar, electric/acoustic guitar, or keyboard plus an external audio player to accompany yourself with recorded music—providing a convenient option for singers/songwriters playing and singing solo.

The MINI GO 3 is lightweight, compact, and is powered with the included AC adapter or USB battery pack (available separately) for total portability. The 33 onboard rhythm patterns with multiple variations make playing even more fun. For quiet practice, the phone output features a cabinet simulator that preserves the character of the amp when playing with headphones. Other features include a metronome, and a tuner.

Realistic Amp Models Based on the VOX Cambridge50
The amp models used to define the sound of the MINI GO 3 use VET modeling technology from the VOX Cambridge50. Amp models include:


  • Deluxe CL
  • Boutique CL, Boutique OD
  • VOX AC30, VOX AC30TB
  • Brit 800, Brit VM
  • SL-OD
  • Double REC
Vocoder Modeling
A unique vocoder has been added for talking modulation effects that sound as if you're playing a talking guitar. Use it by playing the guitar while singing or talking into the mic, or while you're picking the guitar strings if you don't have a mic connected.
Built-In Effects Add Color to Your Guitar Sound
The effects on the MINI GO 3 are designed for a clear sound that matches the sound of modern-day music. Precise modeling lets you create a wide range of sounds. Modulation effects include chorus, phaser, tremolo, and octave. There are also analog and digital delays plus spring and hall reverb effects.


Separate Gain and Tone controls enable you to tailor your sound in accordance with the selected amp model.

Rhythm Section with 33 Patterns and Variations
The built-in rhythms provide you with an onboard rhythm section that covers various music genres with tempos ranging from 40 to 240 BPM. There are three variations for each genre, for a total of 33 types of rhythm patterns. Patterns include: Rock, Metal, Pop, Blues, Funk, R&B, Jazz, Latin, Dance, 3/5/7, and a metronome click for practice.
Totally Portable Amp: Wall or Optional Battery Power
The MINI GO 3 can be powered either with the included AC adapter or a USB battery pack (available separately) via the USB Type-C port. Use the attached carrying strap to easily take the amp with you wherever you go, and to have fun playing guitar anywhere, anytime.
Three Simultaneous Input Channels
Aside from an input jack for your guitar, the amp also features a variety of input/output jacks. With an Instrument input, mic input, and aux input, you can simultaneously connect a guitar or keyboard, microphone, and audio player (like your phone or tablet). You can adjust the volume for the mic input and apply delay/reverb effects to your voice.
Built-In Cabinet Simulator
The MINI GO 3 features a built-in cabinet simulator, which you can hear through the phones jack. This cab sim adds the characteristics of a guitar amp cabinet to the output signal just before it reaches the power amp. This is useful when recording to an audio recorder or when practicing wearing headphones.
Amplifier Section
Amplifier Type Solid-State
Output Power 3 W RMS
Channels 1
Master Volume Yes
Tone Section Gain, Tone
Built-In Effects Chorus, Delay, Octave, Phaser, Reverb, Tremolo
Inputs 1 x 1/4" Mono Instrument
1 x 1/4" Mono Mic Level
1 x 1/8" Stereo Aux
Outputs 1 x 1/8" Stereo Headphone
Output Impedance 4 Ohms Mono
USB 1 x USB-C Female (Power Input)
Wireless Connectivity None
Speaker Section
Configuration 1 x 5" Speaker
Impedance 4 Ohms
DC Input Power 5 VDC
AC/DC Power Adapter VDC Included
Current Consumption 1 A